All You Wanted to Know About Pallets (But You Were Afraid to Ask)

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Pallet pick-up and debris removal

Any business that receive goods often deals with unwanted industrial shipping byproducts such as pallets, crates, dunnage, reels and more. These can accumulate very rapidly and soon create a problem for your company workflow.

Several people might come to your facility and try to grab some of those items to sell them for a quick buck. Since only a few of those can be resold, the ‘scavangers’ will often cherry-pick what is good and leave the rest, along with a big mess in your yard.

You soon realize that the person that you thought was going to help you clean up the area suddenly become a part of the problem.

They don’t solve your problem, but we can! Our services include the removal of ALL unwanted pallets and shipping by-products, keep your area clean while saving you time and money!

Here is why pallet management is so important

OSHA can inspect any commercial facility, and violations can cost you from a few hundreds to several thousands of dollars. The most common violation has to do with poor debris management. Beyond the potential cost, poor debris management can also be a potential hazard. 

Let us help you keep your area clean and safe for yourself and your workers. We can develop a custom pallet management plan for you and give you peace of mind.

Why choose the Pallet Guys of Virginia as a supplier for your pallets
If your company needs pallets for shipping or storing, you want to be serviced by a reputable company that can provide you high quality yet affordable pallets. One that will be able to accomodate your needs and save you money in the long run. Our products include standard 48×40 GMA pallets as well as several other sizes. Just tell us what you need and we will deliver it to you in a promtly manner. Differently from other suppliers we don’t have a minimum order, so we can eliminate overstock and we don’t impact your cashflow. We can provide used and new custom-built pallet for a very competitive price.
Advantages of dealing with a reputable local pallet company like us
  • ¬†Professional, fast and affordable products and services
  • Dependability, reliable and prompt service when you need it
  • Flexible invoicing process
  • Urgent orders available, within 24 hours (this might change for specific used and new sizes)
  • We only sell quality and sturdy products, new and #1, #2 pallets as well as a variety of other quality wooden products for shipping and storage
  • Our custom-size pallets are high quality and cost less than the competition
  • We help your business, keep your storage area clean and remove all the unwanted wooden shipping supplies so you can focus on your work and productivity