Crates, Dunnage, Wooden Reels

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Wooden Crates

If your items need to be protected during transporation wooden crates might be the right choice for you. Our experts will help you choose the size and materials specific to your needs. Crates are perfect for export, transport and protection of more fragile or valuable items. Wooden crates can be custom built to ensure shock protection, to fit the size and weight of your goods and can be heat-treated for international shipments. A variety of sizes and design is available, our experts can help you decide the best solution to store and ship your goods.

Crates heath treated wooden boxes
Custom wood crates

What we need to know for custom wooden crates

  • ¬†Crate Style (Plywood, Wymann)
  • Measurements (inside, outside)
  • Weight rating
  • Content of the crates (which items you normally store of ship)
  • Heat-treatment requirements (IPPC stamped)
  • Order size

Dunnage and Reels

We also provide other products including dunnage and reels. We supply nailed wood and plywood reels for cable companies and other industrial needs. New and used reels available.