New and Used Pallets for Sale

We offer a complete selection of new and refurbished pallets

Standard and Custom made Pallets and Skids

Pallets Guys of Virginia offer the new standard and custom made pallets you need to get the job done. Different sizes, styles and wood. Euro, heavy-duty, light-duty, heat-treated (ISPM-15) we guarantee top quality materials and craftmanship. We carefully inspect our pallets in order to meet our strict standards and exceed your expectations. Our expert builders will provide pallets that will be able to take a beating and will last for a long time before needing any repair.  No job is too small or too large for us. Tell us more about what you need.

New pallets for cheap
pallet 48 by 40 pallets

What we need to know for your customized pallets

If you need something different than a standard 48″x40″ pallet we can help. Here are some basics specs what we need to know:

  • Pallet length and width
  • Top and bottom deck material (hardwood or pine).
  • Top and bottom depth thickness
  • Stringer quantity, material, length and width
  • Quantity of boards
  • Wings
  • Heat-treatment (yes or no)
used pallets different sizes

Used and Refurbished Pallets and Skids

Recycled pallets can be a less expensive but effective way to handle your storage and shipments. We have a steady supply of used and refurbished pallets and skids as well as other lumber supplies such as crates and dunnage. Our used pallets are high quality number #1 and #2 and come in the standard 48″x40″ as well as several other size. Sizes we offer include the following:

24″x24″, 36″x36″, 36″x42″, 40″x40″, 40″x48″, 42″x42″, 44″x44″, 45″x45″, 48″x40″, 48″x42″, 48″x44″, 48″x48″, 50″x42″.

Supply may vary, please tell us how we can help.