Pallet removal and recycling services

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Pallet and lumber pick-ups

Many companies who receive shipments have to deal with a surplus of used shipping supplies such as pallets, reels, crates. These can pile up quickly and interfere with your daily operations. We can arrange a one time pick-up of regular collection of pallets, crates, dunnage, barrells or other wooden items according to your needs. We will refurbish the pallets or recycle the ones that cannot be repaired. We know that pallets can also turn into a fire hazard, we will help you keep your space clear and help the environment.

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Junk lumber wood pallets

Small or large quantity pallet pick-up

Small pick-ups are normally 50 pallets or more. We will schedule with you a convenient time and we will not interrupt your company operations. If you have 500 pallets or more or you accumulate wooden supplies on a regular basis we can help as well with a custom made pallet management plan. Ask us more about our lumber pick-up and recycling services.

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